Academic Team


School Assembly

"Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations".

Dear Parent, Staff and Students, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to SWATHY (sharing with all The Happiness Year long) family.

Our School follows the CBSE curriculum and goes hand in hand with the Board updating and upgrading its standards right from teaching, training along with recruiting processes.

The SCHOOL reflects multifarious aspects - character formation, personality development and grooming of students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing World.

Students come and go ... or rather insecure Toddlers enter the school gate, into our fold and responsible teenagers mature under our guidance when they finally step out into the big wide world and so preparing the future GLOBAL CITIZENS with a senses of pride and dignity.

The institution plays a large role in the lives of their wards to prevent them from losing out on their childhood in a maze of materialistic pleasures.

The child's mind is extricated from the prison of text book and opened to observation, absorption of details, sensitivity to family and society and a tolerant outlook that encompasses humanity.

Excellence is the enchanting ‘manthra’ on the lips of everyone these days. In the field of education too, excellence has started playing a paramount role. People desperately searching for experienced hands in imparting lessons to their wards with excellent teaching and communication skills, has become an order of the day. For many well-meaning parents providing the very best formal education for their children is top priority. By word-of-mouth on newspaper advertisements they identify the schools that would provide their children with excellent learning facilities. Parents are still not sure if that is the right school for their child.

This is where Swathy Central School steps in to clear the confusions that are prevalent in the minds of a large section of parents. What the parents, expect these days is a well qualified and committed team of educations with excellent teaching skills caring for their children at an affordable fee structure at their door next.

Swathy Central school that focuses on academic excellence and confidence building, while nurturing in our students a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility and we encourage our students to involve themselves in the co-curricular programmes.

Our faculty and staff play a vital role in the holistic development of each student.

Our aim is to give children the best start in education by providing a friendly, caring and inspiring academic atmosphere. Assuring you of quality education and seeking your co-operation and support in the years to come……… We owe everyone of our achievements and are sure that you will extend the same support and cooperation as we progress ahead.

We try to impart to our pupils peaceful co-existence to ensure the survival of the earth through the regular events, special assemblies and annual exhibitions.

A blend of values, commitments and responsibilities go hand-in-hand and this I pray is reflected in the students who have undergone the grooming. Education as I see it, is not a product mark diploma, job, money in that order, it is a process and a never ending one at that. Lastly, We, Academicians realize that Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of fire that must lead on from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge! And therefore, we have to give our best year after year.

We believe that the successful running of a school for generations to come, depends largely on the simplicity in their rules and regulations; reliability in their actions either by word or deed; efficiency in their work; positive receptivity to new ideas or innovation from its personal; courtesy and respect toward its personal, the visitors and parents; ensuring that management, principal, teachers and parents collectively accountable in their actions toward achieving the stated educational objectives and promises. And, we pledge to live up to these noble ideas to make this world a better place to live in.